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Why Do We Do This?

Every day we get asked by many customers “do you have properties that are below market prices?” or “do you have properties we can buy, fix up and rent?” or “do you have any properties around $100,000?” or “do you know how we can get a fixer upper?”.  After years of giving out our best advice, and watching our customers struggle to get the properties they wanted, we thought “Why don’t we buy these properties for all cash and then make them available to our buyers and borrowers?”.  So we invented


Well, for starters, we do not EVER bid against you on a property.  The only ones turning in bids are valid buyers.  It isn’t right for the seller to bid against you, as the seller doesn’t intend to buy his own property.

And we list the reserve price right on the website.  Why would we want to play games?  We know what we need for our numbers to make sense, so why not just tell you upfront, so you can judge whether or not you want to pay that?